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Ten Fun Facts About Beach Glass

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and many of you are counting down the days to get back out on the beach to hunt for treasures. Some of you are probably already doing it. Beach glass is a phenomenon in this area. People just love it! We thought it would be entertaining to list some fun facts about beach glass. So here you go!

  1. There is a difference between sea glass and beach glass. Because beach glass is created in fresh water, rather than salt water, it’s surface is a little less frosty. However, it can certainly still be as beautiful!

  2. There is an actual Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. At this beach you can look, but taking glass is discouraged at the section that is adjacent to the 38 acre state park.

  3. Orange beach glass is one of the rarest colors. Coming only from auto warning lights, decorative glass and vintage Avon, this color is one in ten thousand pieces.

  4. Beach glass is becoming harder to find. Due to recycling, phase out of glass to plastic and rising lake levels.

  5. Spring is a good time to find beach glass. Due to more storms and the shoreline reshaping because of waves, spring is an ideal time to find beach glass. However, you can find it all times of the year.

  6. Searching for beach glass can reduce stress and anxiety. The simple act of taking a walk along the shore can relax your mind. When you focus on searching for something, it can take negative thoughts away and bring you a feeling of euphoria once a beautiful piece is found.

  7. Beaches near old factories, colonial era settlements or shipwrecks are the best spots to find beach glass. Where do you find the most glass in the dunes?

  8. You can make art, jewelry, wind chimes, candles and more with your beach glass. Here are some great ideas!

  9. There is a beach marble! Has anyone ever found one? It is considered the holy grail of lakeside treasures. Learn more about marbles here.

  10. Dig the Dunes offers lots of beach glass classes, including beach glass art, beach glass jewelry and beach glass wine/beer glass charms. You can learn about all the classes on our facebook page, checking our eventbrite page or by signing up for our newsletter.

Happy Searching!!

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