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Ten Holiday Gifts for the Beach Lover in your Life.

The holiday season is upon us and we all struggle on what to get that special person in our life. If you know a few beach lovers (and there are many out this way!) we have some fun ideas for you. Enjoy!

  1. Gear from The In Coast. Whether you are looking for apparel, a wine glass or a coffee mug, The In Coast has that and more! Simply head to their online shop and place your order. This beach loving company can ship to you or you can elect to have local pick up.

  2. A get-away at the beach! The beach is fun all times of the year, so why not plan a trip during the cold months. Surprise your special someone with a beautiful house in Miller from Miller Beach Vacation Rentals or North Star Properties can help you out if you are looking to get closer to Michigan. We also have several other options in our directory. Check them out!

  3. A framed beach photo, beautifully put together by SFC gallery. Bring in a photo of your own, or purchase one from A Girl + Her Photographs and have SFC Gallery work their magic and make something special.

  4. Beach Glass earrings, ring or necklace from Beach Bum Jewels. Again, you can bring in your own and make it custom or pick from their large selection of already crafted jewelry. More information here.

  5. A gift certificate from Shady Creek Winery. When you step into Shady Creek, you are surrounded by the beach with their beautiful photos hanging from the wall and for sale. Dream of warmer days when you sat outside with the sun on your face.

  6. A Dig the Dunes calendar. 12 photos were chosen from over 300! The Dig the Dunes calendar brings you the beach and the dunes all year long. Calendars can be purchased here.

  7. A winter hike to the beach followed by a hearty lunch or dinner. You can get out to the beach at all times of the years and there are several trails that will take you. Hit Portage beach and then head over to Bulldog on the Lake which should be in full swing in the next month. Or how about Cowles Bog followed by dinner at Lucrezia?

  8. Grab some No Sharks and Unsalted gear from Mindful Cloth + Press. Frolic has a pop-up shop at Lighthouse Place and you can find this fun apparel right there! Or you can head to their shop in New Buffalo. More info here.

  9. A surfboard, paddle board or just some cool surf stuff. Head over to Third Coast Surf Shop in New Buffalo or St. Joe for all your beach needs. It’s never too early to get ready for the warm weather and summer. Or…get a wet suit and head to the beach right now!

  10. A beach vacation. Yes, that’s the obvious one, but if you are headed to Florida, Mexico or Jamaica, you need to be ready. Get your loved one a session at Troybuilt Fitness or a membership to Classic Bodyworks and be sure to get a gift certificate for The Waxi Taxi!

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