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Ten questions (and answers) about the Burn ‘Em boys’ new Gastropub.

The rumors are true. The Burn ‘Em boys are opening up a new spot. It’s not another brewery, it’s a Gastropub. And it’s going to be good. We can’t wait for it to open, but while we are waiting we decided to ask some questions… and get some answers! Zach Blackwood and Blake Murray were kind enough to share some details with us and give us a preview of what we can expect on the menu.

  1. What is the name of the new place? The new place will be called Bare Bones Gastropub

  2. Where is it located? It is located at 518 LIncolnway Laporte, IN

  3. When can we anticipate it being open? We are still a couple months out, but could be sooner…it’s always difficult to estimate during construction due to all the different parts of the project.

  4. Will all the “Burn ‘Em boys” be involved? In a way yes but we are also busy full time with our current operation. Blake Murray will be heading operations of Bare Bones as the head chef and administrator and we will be bringing in some extra staff for support. Everybody will be present as some point or another and the logistics of running two places are somewhat unknown to us, but so far in the construction phase every one of the owners has spent at least some time working there with a few leading the charge.

  5. Many of you now have wives. Will they be involved too? If yes, how? Hmmm well we do operate as a big family kind of, but all of our wives have other jobs as well so I’m not sure how that dynamic will work exactly. There will definitely be a lot to figure out once the place is running and thankfully we have a large support network to draw from if we need help. But, we will be reliant on a new staff which we hope to train and trust that this new place can operate and function the way we want, maintaining high quality customer service

  6. What’s the menu going to be like? To summarize we plan on serving high quality food that is somewhat eclectic in that we will be drawing from a wide range of cuisine. The kitchen itself will be small so we are limited in what we are able to execute efficiently, but Blake has come up with some really unique items. Last week we test plated a few to share with you. We will be brining our own corned beef and making our own sauerkraut (see feature photo). We will focus on making a lot of things in-house and harnessing fermentation for foods. There will be changing weekly specials and a Sunday brunch menu as well. 

  7. What kind of drinks? We know there will be Burn ‘Em beer, what else? Anything special? Although beer is our specialty, we are fans of flavor so we plan on carrying a diverse beverage menu with beer from Burn Em and other breweries that vary in styles (light, dark, malty, hoppy, sour, funky etc), a quality wine list that we will hand select, ciders, meads and a range of non-alcoholic options as well potentially including coffee, tea, kombucha, soda and on and on. We don’t have this list entirely made yet so their is room for change, but expect to see a wide variety of beverage!

  8. How big is the space?  We plan on having seating for just under 60. The “dining” room will be divided into two sections: a family section (the majority of the space) and a smaller bar/lounge area for 21+ only.  

  9. Will you have events there? Of course! The events we will hold will be smaller and different than ones we currently hold at the brewery but there is space for music and we will get creative! The fun thing about this place is it has MUCH more indoor space then we have at the brewery so the potential for smaller year-round events is essentially limitless.

  10. How can Dig the Dunes get involved? 🙂  Help us get the word out! You already do a great job at that but our goal is to try to bring more and more people out to LaPorte/Michigan City so they can see that it’s an up and coming region with a lot to do year-round! And of course we want to partner with you on more fun events!

(please note: these items were test plated, but give you an idea of what will be served with Bare Bones opens!)

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