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Ten things to do on a snow day.

It’s February. It’s snowing. It’s snowing a lot. Schools are closed, government offices are closed. Many shops, restaurants and businesses are closed.. So what are you going to do? You are going to embrace it!

Here’s our list of top ten things to do on a snow day. (in no particular order).  What are yours?

  1. Drink a good cup of coffee and watch the beautiful flakes fall from the sky outside your window. Dream about summer.

  2. Go for a walk in the snow. Wear your boots and walk in the deep snow. Forge a new path. If you’ve got skis, x-country ski!

  3. Head to the Indiana Dunes State Park and rent some snow shoes. Better yet, sign up for the Dig the Dunes snowshoe and suds hike happening next week!

  4. Build a snowman. Or a snow fort. Better yet, have a snowball fight!

  5. Carefully drive out to a trail and take some photos. Anyone can take a beautiful photo of a snowy trail and trees. Head to Ambler Flatwoods and start our instagram scavenger hunt. The pine tree trail is gorgeous right now!

  6. Visit the shores of Lake Michigan and take in the beauty and peace of the stillness of the frozen lake. Stay on the shore and be safe!

  7. Go sledding! No matter how old you are, sledding down a hill is so much fun. There are many spots in the area to sled. Check our list in our winter guide.

  8. Shovel snow. Many think of this as a chore, but once you are out it can be so invigorating. And great cardio! Just be careful. Don’t do more than you can handle.

  9. Build a snowman or a snow fort. Fun for people of all ages. Get creative! Take a photo and post on Dig the Dunes. We will share our favorites!

  10. Go out in the woods and do some winter forest bathing. What’s that, you ask? Doreen Stelton explains this body-mind spiritual practice that decreases stress, elevates your mood and strengthens your immune system!

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