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Ten things to do while you’re stuck inside at the dunes.

The temperature is plummeting, the wind chill is rising and even the bravest can’t (and should not) go outside. (Well, maybe for a super quick second to snap a photo). So what can you do with your time? Here are some ideas.

  1. Plan what trail you will hit when the weather gets warm again. They are saying 40 on Sunday! That’s only a few days away. Head over to and view our list of trails, or cross country ski rentals and plan for warmer weather.

  2. Stare out the window. The snow is beautiful, you have to admit it, right? It’s cold but it’s still pretty. Spend some time being quiet and still and just appreciating your surroundings.

  3. Volunteer at a shelter or donate coats, boots, blankets. Bundle up and make a quick run to a local shelter to help out if needed or donate coats and blankets. Many are in need right now. Do what you can to help!

  4. Get artistic. Now is the time to find one of your favorite photos of the dunes and try to paint or draw it. This is a perfect activity to do with the kids who will be home all week.

  5. Order some dunes gear. Get all your Regionwear, In Coast, Unsalted and Dig the Dunes gear out and see what you’re missing. You can shop online for all sorts of fun stuff and many of these places are having winter clearance sales. Shop Dig the Dunes, here!

  6. Organize your photos. If you’re like me, all your dunes beach and trail photos are in one album. Start to organize, find your favorites, delete the not so good ones, maybe get some printed on canvas!

  7. Find a fun event to attend once the deep freeze is over. Dig the Dunes is offering all sorts of fun things. Lantern making classes, beach glass jewelry classes, a scavenger hunt and more. Head to our eventbrite page to see what’s up.

  8. Have some family time. Put the phones away, get off the computer and take some time to just hang with the family. Most of the schools will be closed and many people will be working from home tomorrow. Play some games, cook together, or just catch up and laugh!

  9. Keep a lookout for animals out in the cold. Keep your pets safe and keep a watch for any that may have gotten out. If you see one, allow it in your home to get warm. Please don’t leave your dogs outside at all during the next couple days.

  10. Stay safe! Unfortunately many people will still have to go outside, either for work or because they have nowhere else to go. Do what you can to help and remember how lucky you are that you have somewhere warm to be. This deep freeze won’t last too long and soon you will be out enjoying the dunes once again!

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