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ALL the area trails in ONE place. Right here!

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Please note: This is a work in progress, so feel free to submit any trails we may have missed!

Looking for a place to hike, but not sure where? Please peruse our list of trails that cover the entire dunes area from Berrien County in Michigan to Lake County in Indiana.

LaPorte County:

Ambler Flatwoods Nature Preserve—4 miles of trails

Barker Woods Nature Preserve—under one mile of trails

Bismarck Hill—1 mile of trails

Bluhm County Park—Lincoln Memorial Trail

Creek Ridge County Park: Michigan City, IN—1.3 miles of trails

Friendship Botanic Gardens: Michigan City, IN—3 miles of trails

Luhr County Park/Upland Trail—1.7 miles

Mount Baldy—Trail to Beach

Pinhook Bog/Upland Trail—1.7 miles

Red Mill County Park—3.5 miles of trails

Soldiers Memorial Park

Krueger Memorial Park

Wintergreen Woods

Hildebrand Lake Nature Preserve*

Berrien County (Michigan):

Chickaming Township Nature Preserve, Three Oaks, 3.5 miles of trails

Galien River County Park: New Buffalo, MI - 1 mile of trails

Hoadley Trail at Watkins Memorial Park - 1.5 mile of trails

Love Creek in Berrien Center - 6 miles

Madeline Bertrand Green Trail - 5 miles

Robinson Woods - 1.25 mile trail

Warren Dunes State Park in Bridgman~ 6 miles trails

Warren Woods Natural Area in Three Oaks~ 2 miles

St. Joseph County:

Bendix Woods - Over 6 miles, multi-use trails

Chamberlain Lake - 1.3 miles

Ferettie/Baugo Creek - 2 miles

Potato Creek State Park in North Liberty -

over 8 miles of trails

Rum Village Park - 3 miles hiking, 6 miles mountain biking

St. Patrick's County Park - 4 miles

Spicer Lake Nature Preserve in New Carlisle ~ 4 miles trails

Porter County:

Coffee Creek, Chesterton ~ 3 miles

Calumet Trail ~ 9.1 mile trail

Dune Ridge Trail , Beverly Shores~ .7 mile

Bailly Cemetery - .7 miles

Bailly/Chellburg/Little Calumet River Trails: Porter, IN - 4 miles of trails

Brincka Cross Gardens: Michigan City - 1.5 miles of trails

Cowles Bog, Dune Acres - over 4 miles of trails

Dunes Succession Trail, West Beach - 1 mile

Glenwood Dunes Trail - 6.8 miles

Great Marsh Trail System: Beverly Shores, IN - 1.26 miles of trails

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest (formerly Taltree) - over 5 miles of trails

Heron Rookery Trail: Chesterton to Michigan City, IN - 3 miles of trails

Indiana Dunes State Park, Trail 8 (Three Dune Challenge) - 1.5 miles (rugged)

Indiana Dunes State Park, Trail 9 - 3.75 miles of trails

Long Lake Loop: Miller, IN - 1.9 miles of trails

Moraine Nature Preserve - 2.3 miles

Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk: 100 Riverwalk Road, Portage IN - 1.5 miles

Prairie Duneland Trail - 10.3 miles

Tolleston Dunes: Portage, IN - 3 miles of trails

Sunset Hill Farm County Park - up to 5 miles of trails

Zona Wildlife Sanctuary - 2.1 miles of trails

Beverly Shores Project Area*

​Father Basil Moreau Nature Preserve*

John Merle Coulter Nature Preserve*

Meadowbrook Conservation Center and Preserve*

Outback Trail, Imagination Glen, Portage

Walnut Woods Nature Preserve*

Wykes-Plampin Nature Preserve*

Lake County:

Deep River County Park - 4.8 miles

The Erie Lackawanna - 17.7 mile bike trail

Gibson Woods - 3 miles

Hobart Woodland Trail - 2.2 miles

Marquette Trail - 2.3 miles

Monon Trail - 4.4 miles

Oak Ridge Prairie - 5 miles

Oak Savannah Trail (paved biking) - 8.9 miles

Prairie Duneland Trail - 10.3 miles

Bur Oak Woods Nature Preserve*

Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve*

Gordon & Faith Greiner Nature Preserve*

Green Heron Pond Nature Preserve*

Hidden Prairie & Ivory Wetlands*

Ivanhoe South Nature Preserve*

Miller Dunes Nature Preserve*

Miller Woods ~ 3.4 miles

Seidner Dune & Swale Nature Preserve*

There is also an awesome website that features all the area trails that was put together by Rafi Wilkinson for REI, it’s called the TRAIL RUN project

*Owned by Shirley Heinze Land Trust. See a full list of their preserves, as well as an interactive map, right here.

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