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The Beach Tour


From West to East, we’ve got all your favorite beaches listed from Gary, Indiana to Bridgeman, MI! Take a peek and click the link for more information and photos. (this page is currently being updated)

Thank you to Stephen Lehman for all the beautiful photos (unless otherwise noted).

Marquette Park-9632

Directions: Drive down lake street in Miller Beach. Reach parking lot at the end of the road. Marquette Park is not just a beach, but trails, a lagoon and a pavilion. It has a long history and is beautiful for a walk, stroll or even grabbing some lunch at the nearby concession. Parking is ample and there are some beautiful trails close by There is a lot with a fee as well as street parking. Restrooms are on-site. The pavilion is available for private parties. The lagoon has a kayak launch.


Directions: Take Hwy. 12 to County Line Rd. Follow signs to main parking lot. West Beach is home to Long Lake trail, Succession trail and a public beach. There is an entrance fee during the summer months, but it is free off-season. There are restrooms, but no concession at this time. Visitors are allowed to climb one of the large dunes in the area. Fun for children and adults! There are also barbecues and picnic areas.


Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk, Portage IN Directions: Take 12 and follow signs near 249. Head over bridge towards steel mill and into the park. Portage Lakefront has a small paved loop that is excellent for dog walking. It has a pier, a board walk and a concession. There is no charge for parking. Currently the beach is closed indefinitely due to erosion, but it’s still a beautiful spot to take a walk or do some fishing.

The Stairs

Porter Beach, Porter IN Directions: Take 12 to Waverly Rd. Follow around curve to the beach. Porter Beach (also known as Johnson’s beach) has 2 parking lots (one is permit only in the summer) and restrooms. There are a few paths in the dunes that you can climb as well as a very nice beach that connects to the Indiana Dunes State Park. If you look closely,  you may find some abandoned houses!


Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores IN Directions: Take 12 to Kemil (tunnel) Rd. Head straight to the beach. Kemil Beach is a dog-friendly beach and has a parking lot and restrooms. Dune Ridge trail is also accessible from this lot and is a short loop that overlooks the Beverly Shores marsh. Many people consider Kemil one of the best spots to find sea glass and chrinoids.


Beverly Shores Beach, Beverly Shores IN Directions: Take 12 to Broadway. Head towards lake. You can find parking right along the beach (Lakeview) or at Dunbar, just to the West. Restrooms are available, but parking is limited.

Wild Woman Ditch

Central Ave Beach Directions: Take 12 to Central Ave. Parking lot at end of road. Beach has eroded and is very small right now, but if you can get on the beach there is usually a lot of rocks and beach glass as well as gorgeous views of the dunes.

Mt. Baldy Mt. Baldy trail to beach is open. Beach is very narrow.


Washington Park Beach, Michigan City IN Directions: Follow Lake Shore Drive in Michigan City. Washington Park has a large lot, but there is a fee to park during the summer months. At Washington Park beach you can find a large beach, fishing pier, Sunset Grille concession and rooftop bar. There is also the Washington Park Zoo across the street as well as a splash park. Consider a boat tour at

20160114-01.14.16 Stop 2-22

Sheridan Beach (stop 2), Michigan City IN Directions: Take Lake Shore Drive to stop 2. You will need a pass in the summer months to park here except for just a few spots. Stop 2 is where a lot of the younger folks hang out and used to be known as the “party beach”.

20160114-01.14.16 Stop 7-16

Stop 7 (beachwalk), Michigan City IN Directions: Take Lake Shore Drive to Stop 7. There are just 2 parking spots here. This beach is located across from Beachwalk which has many vacation rentals. It is, however, a public beach if you are one of the lucky ones to grab a parking spot!

New Buffalo Pier

New Buffalo Public Beach, New Buffalo MI Directions: Take 12 to New Buffalo and head North on Whittaker Street. This lot has a fee during the summer  months. Here you can find a large beach, a pier, a marina and a short trail that walks through the dunes. Newly opened..New Buffalo Beach Club rents chairs and has food/drinks.


Floral Lane: Warren Dunes State Park, Bridgman MI Directions: Red Arrow Hwy. to Floral Lane. Park in lot and follow floral lane into the trails. Beautiful dunes and trails that will lead you eventually to the beach. The best part of this area, is not the beach, but the trail that gets you there! There are many other beaches as you go through Michigan, but this is one of our favorites.


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