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The Depot Museum opens for season with an exciting exhibit!

Dig the Dunes loves to highlight local art and artists. Last week we talked to Caryn Brown, current Board President and one of the curators of the Depot Museum and Art Gallery in Beverly Shores. They open May 4 and they’ve got some fun stuff planned this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

What exactly is the Depot Museum Art Gallery? The Depot Museum and Art Gallery is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1998 after the restoration of  South Shore Train Station in Beverly Shores. Our mission is to preserve local history and to engage and enrich the community by hosting exhibitions and art openings. We are open seasonally from May through October. Our regular hours are 11:00 a, to 3:00 pm Friday through Sunday, and the Second Friday of each month from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. We host at least 6 art exhibitions and 3 history exhibitions each season.

Where is it the Depot Museum located? The Depot Museum and Art Gallery is located in the South Shore train station building in Beverly Shores. Our Address is 525 S Broadway, Beverly Shores, IN  46301.

We hear it’s your 20th anniversary, are you doing anything special? We have a number of things planned to mark and celebrate our 20th year. In conjunction with each Opening reception, we plan to have a special activity.

May 11: This year we are opening with a fundraising exhibit 5×5 at the Depot. 55+ established, mid career, and emerging artists have created original artwork 5″ x 5″ specifically for this exhibit. Many have made more than one. We are so grateful to the artists who have donated these pieces to the Depot for this fundraising exhibit. Each piece is offered at just $55.00 and the proceeds will go to support the Depot programming. With over 100 works to choose from, there is something for everyone and at an affordable price.

This buying process for this exhibit is a little bit unusual and we hope, a whole lot of fun. If you want to have a piece of art you will buy a claim tag with a number that only you will have. Each claim tag has a numbered sticker that you will place under the artwork that you wish to claim. Once an artwork is claimed, it is no longer available. We suggest that you buy your claim tags early and get to the Depot early. The gallery entrance will open at 5 pm.. Claim Tags go on sale May 4.

May 18: Because we are not open in November (for Veteran’s Day) we express our gratitude and honor for veterans and their families who have served and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.    We have planned a ceremony for May 18, at 1:00 pm. A choir from a local school will sing and we will host an honor guard. 

June 8: We hope to release a book about the history of Beverly Shores, compliled by Robert Stanley.

July 13:  In conjunction with our Friday Art opening we will be releasing a special post mark and the post master will be on site to post mark mail.

September 22: a gala dinner is being planned

Anything else? In addition to a history museum and art gallery, we have a gift shop that offers art and artisan items made by regional artists and craftsman.

Fun fact about the exhibit 5×5: 5″x5″ is the dimensions of each piece of art. The perimeter 5+5+5+5 corresponds to our twentieth year. o continue the 5 theme, the event is in the 5th month. The reception opens at 5 pm and each piece of art is offered at $55.00

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