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The Dig the Dunes 2023 Calendar Winners

We are so excited to announce the Dig the Dunes 2023 calendar winners. This is our seventh calendar and we couldn’t be more pleased to share this list of talented photographers.

It seems like every year it gets harder and harder to choose. This year we had so many wonderful entries. As always, we go through three rounds of blind judging. Once finalists are picked we look at the calendar as a whole. We want to show a vast area of the dunes and we want all the photos to work together to tell a story of our area as you flip from month to month.

Calendars are available for pre-order NOW They are $20 until December 1 and then will be $25 once all the photos are revealed. They can be shipped, or you can choose local pick-up (Dig the Dunes Trail Stop or Over Yonder).


And now for our winners…


JANUARY – Stevo Radjenovich. Stevo has been a Pipefitter for Chicago Local 597 since 2012. He enjoys hiking and foraging for mushrooms during his free time. Stevo likes to photograph nature and architecture. He would also like to get into astrophotography some day.

FEBRUARY – Paul Ewing. Since retiring, Paul has resumed hiking and photography with his wife and friends. He enjoys landscapes, gardens, birds, and particularly sunsets and moonsets over beaches. Paul travels to different locations looking for old barns, buildings, bridges and applying new photography techniques.

MARCH – Karen Cercone. Karen lives in Chesterton with her husband & 2 teenagers. You can find her either hiking, biking or kayaking around the Indiana Dunes & SW Michigan. She loves taking photos of her adventures and sharing them. So many people cannot believe that paradise is in Indiana!

APRIL – Robert Conn II. Robert has been a commercial photographer and filmmaker based out of northwest Indiana for the last 35 years. For the last 2 years he has been photographing and filming our newest National Park for an upcoming docuseries. He was born and raised in NW Indiana and has been running around the woods and landscapes in the region for as long as he can remember. Robert has always brought a camera with him to not only remember his outdoor adventures but to share the magical splendor that the region offers.

MAY – Hilda Tsai. Hilda is a long time resident of the duneland area and an avid fan of hiking the beaches and trails of the Indiana Dunes. She captures inspired images of the area’s natural beauty using her iPhone. JUNE – Linda Camp. Linda has been interested in photography since high school, many years ago, thanks to a great teacher. She happened to catch this picture while walking along the shore after a quick downpour. Linda enjoys backroad drives and walks on the beach. You never know what you will stumble upon. Keep your eyes open! She has belonged to the Duneland Photography Club for several years. You can follow her on instagram @Linda_Camp.

JULY – Michelle Wolsiefer. Michelle is from Michigan City, Indiana and has studied photography at Purdue University. She loves photographing nature and her surroundings and observing how different things can look every day under a new light. She is a regular at catching a sunrise and a sunset to capture that light and preserve those moments. Michelle is also currently helping to sort and share the photos of Michigan City provided to the Old Lighthouse Museum for future generations to enjoy.

AUGUST – Steve Wick. Steve is a resident of Portage, along with his wife Kelli and three young adult children. Steve works as a media producer and musician and enjoys photography as a hobby. Since moving to the area earlier this year, he is enjoying getting to know the surrounding towns, experiencing the beauty of the dunes and the challenge of hiking the many nearby trails. Steve also enjoys kayaking on the Little Calumet and along the Lake Michigan shoreline. You can follow Steve on instagram @stevewick3.

SEPTEMBER – Peggy Carter. Peggy is a retired telephone operator. She has lived in the area for over 50 years and has always enjoyed going to the beach. Even though in the past she might have taken it for granted, she now appreciate the beauty of the Dunes and Lake Michigan more than ever. Peggy has been serious about photography the last 12 years and enjoys taking photos of nature and landscapes. She has received recognition for her work that has been published several places and included in exhibitions. She is an active member of the Duneland Photography Club and serves as the Public Relations Coordinator. OCTOBER – Thad Donovan. Thad is a native northwest Indiana resident. He has spent the last several years filming and photographing the wonderful natural assets we have. His company, Smith Donovan, focuses on telling stories through video.

NOVEMBER – Joe Philbin. After a banking career in Chicago, Joe retired early to Valparaiso two years ago. Partly for its charms, and partly because his wife grew up in the Miller Beach area. He is an amateur nature photographer, and a regular contributor of photos used by Indiana Dunes National Park in its social media posts. On any given day - in fact almost EVERY given day - Joe can be found walking the duneland trails with his camera.

DECEMBER – Marc Tacke. Marc is a 52 year old transplant from Germany who moved to the USA in 2010 and moved to Crown Point in 2016. With the help of his girlfriend Robin, he discovered the beauty of hiking in NW Indiana. They hike the Dunes and surrounding areas with friends whenever they can. Marc loves the winter time with the sun and wind. He enjoys guided tours with Park Rangers to learn more about this amazing place we live. The photo was taken December 12, 2021 on Indiana Dunes Trail 9 right after climbing the Dune.

COVER – Izzy Hutnick. Izzy has been a team member of Dig the Dunes since 2015 and developed the calendar idea with Eve soon after! She is honored to have been nominated by her team to be featured as the calendar cover. Izzy lives in Chesterton, Indiana with her Husband Ryan, daughter Zoe, Frank the Cat, and Mace the Dog. Izzy and Ryan have quickly taught their daughter that going to the beach in the Indiana Dunes is truly the eighth wonder of the world. She couldn’t imagine growing up and raising a family anywhere else. She also looks forward to Zoe getting a job at the Trail Stop someday!


We invite you all to join us for our Calendar Release Open House at Dig the Dunes Trail Stop on Thursday, December 1 from 5-7 pm. We will have a sparkling wine toast as well as some holiday treats. Our merchandise will also be on display and available. Online calendar orders will also be available for pick up.

Thank you to our sponsors!

January: Miller Beach Vacation Rentals

February: The Brewery Lodge/Zorn Brew Works

March: Trail Stop

April: Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy

May: Round Barn/Tabor Hill/Free Run Cellars

June: Friendship Botanic Gardens

July: North Star Properties August: Leeds Public House September: Shirley Heinze Land Trust

October: Goblin & The Grocer

November: Journeyman Distillery

December: Troybuilt Fitness


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