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The Dunes: From way up high!

Submitted by: Stephen Lehman

A good friend of mine offered to take me up in a small airplane to take photos along the south shore of Lake Michigan and of the Chicago skyline. The following are a few of the photos I was able to snap of some of the beaches in our area.

(click on photos to enlarge them).


Indiana Dunes State Park

The first photo is of the Indiana Dunes State Park. In the photo you can see the concession building and main beach. The interior of the concession building is being redone and is currently under construction. This is a great place to visit during the summer, but I would recommend checking it out during the winter as well. The shelf ice and landscape is a phenomenal sight to see.

Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk

Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk

This next photo is of the Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk. This is one of my personal favorite beaches because of the path to the end of the break as well as its hilly dunes.

West Beach

West Beach

West Beach is quite a beautiful location. I have visited here one time during a cold winter sunset and was met with a spectacular view. I can’t wait to get here during the summer months for some more exploring when I can actually feel my face.



I don’t think this one needs too much explaining. I know that this isn’t a part of what you would normally see on Dig The Dunes, but this is definitely something worth checking out. I wish that the weather would have cooperated a little more.

Washington Park Lighthouse & Beach

Washington Park Lighthouse & Beach

On the way back to the Valparaiso Airport we flew over my home, Michigan City. If you have never been to the beach front, I would highly suggest visiting. If you do not have a sticker it will cost $7 per vehicle to get in. The lighthouse is beautiful duirng all seasons and the beach is a very popular place to relax and enjoy the sunset.

I hope you found these photos enjoyable to look at. If you would like to see more from this trip and others from around the south shore area be sure to check out my website,, as well as my Facebook page. Thank you so much for investing your interests in Dig The Dunes!


From July 19th-26th, 2015 Chad Perney and Stephen Lehman will be skateboarding from Evansville, IN to Michigan City, IN, a total of 326 miles in order to raise funds for a missions organization known as Speed The Light. Speed The Light is an Assemblies of God avenue created to provide the “essential transportation and creative communication” that missionaries need to spread the light of the Gospel to all of the world. Their plan is to stop at churches each night to rally support for the cause. Stephen and Chad are currently seeking donations. If you would like to help, please check out their “GoFundMe” page, right here.

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