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The Newest Brewery in the Dunes will Make you Feel Great!

Drink a beer, feel good. Drink a beer at Chesterton Brewery, feel great.

Did you know that Chesterton’s newest brewery donates a percentage of every one of their beers purchased back to a veteran based non-profit? In fact, in the first 120 days that Chesterton Brewery was open they donated $12,000 back to charities. They also donate to the local heroes fund every time you purchase one of their porters or reds. Now that’s pretty great!

Chesterton Brewery is located at 1050 Broadway in Chesterton. As their facebook page says, “They vow to run a fun and relaxing brewery where the local community can feel comfortable to have great food, drinks, and watch their favorite sports teams with friends, family, and our veteran hero’s.”

They are excited to kick off 2020 with plans to have 22 brews on tap this winter. They specialize in burgers & bbq, smoking fresh meat daily. They are also family friendly with a family seating area upstairs.

Co-owners Dave Grass, Vern Brown, Nikki Grass and Laura Everett (not pictured, Jason Stypula)

Dig the Dunes spoke with co-owner Vern Brown. He loves the local community and is looking forward to growing the business. He mentioned that they are adding more week day events like Tuesday night trivia and Wednesday night bingo. They also do drawings each week based on Facebook follows and drink purchases. There is a mug club and they are starting to bring in live music.

After having a beer at Chesterton Brewery we were feeling pretty good. After chatting with Vern, we felt great!

You can try Chesterton Brewery’s glazed donut chocolate stout at our Donuts & Beer Pairing on February 15th!

Chesterton Brewery is currently accepting care packages for our troops at the brewery. They’re looking for baby wipes, granola bars, cliff bars, hot sauce, tampons, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky.

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