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The Toboggan Run at Pokagon State Park

Submitted by: Laura Niemiec

Are you looking for a fun day trip or a weekend adventure? It awaits in the northeast corner of the state at Pokagon State Park, located just outside of Angola. With over 10 miles of hiking trails, biking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and more, there is something for everyone, but the one thing you will not want to miss out on is the seasonal toboggan run. The refrigerated run, which first opened in 1935, attracts nearly 90,000 riders each season. While the run may only take 20-30 seconds, it’s a thrill ride you won’t soon forget. There is no need for snow on the ground to feel the wind whipping through your hair as you fly down the run reaching speeds close to 40 mph (42 mph is the course record) as you travel the quarter-mile, dropping 90 feet. The run opens at the end of November each year and operates Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 1st. $13 and a driver’s license rents a toboggan for 4 for an hour. Keep in mind that Pokagon is also a state park so there is $7 per car fee for in-state vehicles ($9 for out of state) if you do not have an annual pass.

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