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The Trails at West Beach

Last week we posted some photos of Succession Trail at West Beach and many people were curious about it, so we decided to highlight two trails in the West Beach area that we think you will enjoy.

Succession Trail: Succession Trail is about a one mile loop complete with stairs (lots of stairs), boardwalks (lots of boardwalks!) and a trip down to the beach. You can catch the start of the trail from the large West Beach Parking lot. (look for the stairs and start climbing!), when you hit the beach, take a left and it will take you back to the West Beach stairs. It’s absolutely beautiful, fun for the kids (and dogs) and there is an amazing view once you get to the top.

Long Lake Trail: Long Lake Trail is about a 2 mile loop, which can also start at the West Beach parking lot. (or look for the smaller lot next to the bird watching stand). If you park at the small lot, head back out onto the road like you are heading out of the park and climb the stairs you will see on your left (down the road a bit). You may want to take a look at the gaia gps map below, as it gets a little tricky when it spits you back out on the road after the first section of the trail. (there aren’t many signs to connect you back to the trail). The highlight of this trail is the long climb up to the top of the dune and then running back down it. It’s one of the few dunes in the area that you are allowed to run up and down. Again, very fun for the kids!

Looking to hike more trails in this area? Check out our Trail list, which include many in Lake and Porter County. Miller Woods and Tolleston Dunes are close by and are also two beautiful trails that are definitely worth checking out!

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