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Trains, Trails and Ales: A day of fun in the dunes!

Ready to have some fun? We’ve got a challenge for you. It’s time to head to the South Shore Line and explore some new territory. We’ve figured out the perfect schedule for a day of trains, trails and ales! Not a big beer drinker? We’ve got options!

All aboard! Here is your itinerary: (schedules may change, this is currently the WEEKEND schedule)

Coming from Chicago? Head to Millennium Station. You need to hop on the 10:45 am train. From Indiana? Start in Miller! Please do not drink and drive. Have a ride waiting for you at the train stop when you return.


First Stop: Miller arrive at 11:54. You have an hour and 26 minutes to explore! Hop on a Zagster Bike Share* and head down lake street. Need to quench your thirst? 18th Street Brewery is right across the tracks. Then take a quick ride to the beach or walk to Miller Woods. Shop Lake street if you are not a hiker or check out  Cultivated Culture Café for coffee and Vibrations Juice Bar for other drinking and eating options.

Hop on the 1:21 train. (need a little more time? stay until 2:44)

Stop 2: (a) Ogden Dunes or (b) Beverly Shores

(a) arrive in Ogden Dunes at 1:27. You have an hour and 23 minutes. Grab a beer at Bulldog on the Lake and then take a tour of Tolleston Dunes. There is a short loop or a long loop. Watch your time, you don’t want to miss your next train which arrives at 2:50.


(b) arrive in Beverly Shores at 1:42. You have an hour and 23 minutes. Head into Beverly Shores and check out the great marsh trails system and bird watching platform. Have lunch at Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill which is nestled right along hwy. 12 and has lots of local brews on tap.

Hop on next train which arrives at 3:05.


Please note: if you miss this train, you will not have another train until 6:13! So if you would like to spend more time at stop 1 or stop 2, you need to only go to ONE of these stops.


Stop 3: Michigan City arrive at 11th street at 3:16. This will be your last stop. You can hang here until 5:36, 7:16 or 10:07. So many choices!

First you need to head down Franklin Street towards the beach. There are lots of shops and restaurants to check out in the Uptown Arts District. If you’re tired, stop at Lakeshore Coffee for a pick me-up. Make your way down to Shoreline Brewery. You will be thirsty by the time you arrive. Full menu and lots of brews!

Ready to hit the beach? Continue heading north. Cross the bridge and walk along the marina. The beach and historic pier is beautiful in all seasons!  Fire & Water is a beach bar and concession that sits right along the beach (only open in summer). Or, grab a cab or uber and check out Burn Em Brewing and Zorn Brew Works.

Ready to go home? Hop that train back and take a nap after a full day of fun!


OPTION 2: Stay a little longer at one stop and hit the second stop on your way back for dinner! Arrive in Miller at 11:54, depart 2:44 Arrive in Michigan City at 3:16, depart 5:36 Arrive in Beverly Shores 5:45, depart 7:26 -or- Arrive in Portage 5:59, depart 7:40

Confused? We are going to have our blogger Scott Timmerman see if this can be done. Be on the lookout for his excursion to hit our insta-story in the next month or so!

Try it backwards! Start from Michigan City and head to Chicago for the night!


*Zagster bike share is only available during certain months. Want to have your bike? There are several trains after April 1, 2018 that will allow you to bring your own on board.

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