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What is Dig the Dunes?

By: Eve Wierzbicki

Over the last few weeks, several people have asked me, “What is Dig the Dunes?” This is sort of a tricky question for me, because Dig the Dunes changes and grows daily. Dig the Dunes is actually so many different things.  I thought I would try to explain it a little here.

Dig the Dunes started out as a simple Facebook blog. I began posting beach photos and it caught on. People loved it, I loved getting to the beaches and trails and sharing my photos, and soon it began to grow. As I added followers, I knew there was a need for a website. I revamped my old one, divided it into categories and started adding articles.

In simple terms, Dig the Dunes is a social media platform that promotes “all things dunes”. This includes the people, small businesses, trails, beaches, events, history, geology…it can go on and on….

We currently promote via our website, facebook, instagram and twitter. We have a newsletter that goes out weekly with all the highlights of the week, including our top four local events. We have a directory on our website that lists many of the local restaurants, shops, breweries, health & wellness and more. We invite local guest bloggers to write about how they love the dunes, we feature dunes lovers each week in a special blog and we ask them to share their secrets and favorite spots.

How do we do all this? We work hard! I have a very small team of people that are passionate about the area and help me with photography, writing, the website, promoting…and most importantly, coming up with new ideas.

This year we are creating our very first Dig the Dunes calendar. We have invited residents to submit their dunes inspired work and we will choose 12 photographers for the calendar. We will have a calendar release party with local, upcoming musicians, food and drink, and of course calendars. We invite you all to attend! 10% of all calendar proceeds will go to Save the Dunes.

We’ve also been growing our online shop! Think about us when doing your holiday shopping and help spread the word with our Dig the Dunes shirts, stickers and now calendars. We are also featuring local artists with jewelry and ceramics.

We are continuing through the winter with classes and events. Over the summer we had photography classes and educational hikes. We recently had our second annual Art Exhibit with TroyBuilt Fitness where we featured over 20 local artists. This winter, we already have a beachgrass wire wrapping class set up and we plan to do some photo editing classes. We are always looking for new ideas and welcome any thoughts from you!

banner ad for a local event

How can we help you? We are offering promotions to local organizations and businesses at a very affordable price. We want to know about all the fun events in the area, and we want to help get the word out! We have event packages where we can promote your event for as low as $75 ($50 if you are a non-profit). We can promote your event on Facebook, in our newsletter and on our website. Or, join our directory for just $40 for the full year and we will help promote your local business! Please think about Dig the Dunes when deciding where to send your advertising budget. Our marketing works. Email us at and ask about it!

As Dig the Dunes continues to grow, we mostly want to thank you for all your support. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Thank you so much, and let’s keep diggin’ those dunes!


Beginning of Cowles Bog Trail

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