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Why do YOU dig the dunes?

Feature photo credit: Phillip Jeffrey Kohler

I know why I “Dig the Dunes”, but I was curious to know why others did. So, I reached out to my Facebook and Twitter followers to find out just why they “dig the dunes”. Many people, like Colleen Miltenberger, Jeff Paul Sederberg and Cathy Krieg said the dunes were “home” to them.

Here are some other reasons why the dunes can be such a wonderful place to be.

  1. Because where earth, water and sky meet, magic happens! – Nancy Morgan Walter

  2. Peace and Serenity – Patty Hall

  3. There is no place that I’d rather be than on Lake Michigan, with a beautiful pink and orange sunset and the Chicago skyline in the background. This is my home, no matter where I’ve been and no matter how long I am away…this is and will always be…HOME. – Anne Bartnick Dukehart

"Because it's simply beautiful here." - Kimberly Shetterly

“Because it’s simply beautiful here.” – Kimberly Sheerly (photo credit: Kimberly Sheerly)

  1. All Life’s answers, in a place you would last expect. – Daniel Mock

  2. Camping, beach, rest – so peaceful. Close to home. – Gary Brusker

  3. My heart’s rhythm – Cynthia Osika

  4. It disconnects the mind and energizes the soul. – Phillp Jeffrey Kohler

Photo credit: Stacy Laman, new residents in Ogden Dunes, IN

Photo credit: Stacy Laman, new residents in Ogden Dunes, IN

  1. Peace & Quiet – Kathi Lee

  2. Only thing we did right in a long, long time and it makes people smile. – William Wegiel 

  3. Because it’s too hard to move away from the lake and dunes. #beachlife – Eric Tonk

That’s why they dig the dunes! Now why do you dig them?


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