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Wind Beneath His Wings.

Photos by: Andy Neal

Scott Guhlstorf came to the dunes just two years ago. He traveled for years searching for exotic places and never thought he would end up in Northwest Indiana. Due to family and work, Michigan City became his home. An avid kiteboarder, surfer and windsurfer, he has now settled in along the shores of Lake Michigan and is proud to call this area his home.

When did you start kiteboarding? My wind sports started with windsurfing 30 years ago and then kiteboarding 19 years ago! I have only missed a few windy days in all those years, having worked as a freelancer to always be available. Kiteboarding has become my favorite water sport because it combines all other water sports! It literally uses aspects of windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing and even snowboarding all in one sport. It’s amazing that way.

Do you do other water sports as well? I surf, paddle surf, wakeboard, foil board, skateboard, swim and lift weights all to expand on being a better kiteboarder!

Why do you feel Michigan City is the perfect spot to kiteboard? It has the most range in wind direction from southwest all the way to east options. It’s also a wind magnate from late summer to early winter for winds. We have a unique thermal condition that boosts wind strengths over here especially this time of year. We also have the biggest waves on the lake for surfing with a kite sometimes reaching 14 foot faces!

Can anyone kiteboard? Absolutely! While those who have a background in other board sports tend to catch on a bit sooner, anyone can learn if they take lessons which are taught in baby steps.

What should people do if they are interested in giving the sport a try? Contact me! My 30 years of experience in these waters with knowledge of everything from rip currents to wind directions and characteristics can keep you safe and learn fast. I also have the ability to teach those who learn the basics, high end maneuvers such as double flips, slashing waves and huge airs with Kite loops. You can also come to Washington Park beach to demo, or take a look at lots of gear you can’t see when buying online. I can be reached at 708 623 3986 (text or voice).

Want to see Scott in action? Head to Washington Park Beach on any windy day and you will most likely spot him and his friends jumping the waves, doing loops and really living life… the dunes.

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