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A Salt Cave in Chesterton, Indiana?

Did you know there was a salt cave in Chesterton?

Salt therapy has its origins from hundreds of years ago in the salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe. Salt miners in the caves found that they had very little health issues and appeared to look younger. Soon, salt caves and spas popped up all over Europe providing halotherapy (salt therapy), which allows you to breathe in tiny salt particles for numerous health benefits.

Evexia Salt Cave is a 440 square foot man-made cave, right in Chesterton. It consists of 20,000 pounds of pink Himalayan salt. The customer lays in a zero-gravity chair while a pharmaceutical salt is secreted into the cave and meditation music is played in the background. Benefits are received through the pharmaceutical salt and the negative enzymes emitting from the Himalayan salt.

What are some of the benefits of a salt cave?

  1. It relieves stress

  2. Helps respiratory conditions

  3. Relief from arthritis

  4. Reduces inflammation

  5. Better skin conditions

  6. Better sleep

  7. More endurance

  8. Reduces signs of aging

  9. Preventive & restorative healthcare

  10. Haylotherapy is natural, safe & effective

Evexia Salt Cave also offers special classes with Halotherapy; yoga, meditation and sound therapy, crystal classes and a Kids Day. You can also try an Ionic Foot Detox which is separate from the salt cave and they will have additional services in the future.

Evexia is located at 1583 S Calumet Rd, Chesterton, Indiana 46304. You can make an appointment right online, here.


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