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A Teen’s Top Five….Cheeseburgers!

Submitted by Alex Wierzbicki

My project was to go around to the area restaurants over the summer and pick out the best tasting cheeseburgers. The tasting wasn’t hard, actually it was very easy! But with so many amazing choices (I hit about 20 spots!), I had a difficult decision to make. I ended up picking my top 5 (in no particular order) to share with you. These five restaurants also had great service and scenery and were fun places for kids to go!

(again, in no particular order)

The first restaurant I’d like to talk about is Redamaks. Every time I go there, I always leave with a full stomach and a big smile on my face. Their cheeseburgers always taste so fresh and I always gobble it down pretty fast. The people there are also very nice, I never have any complaints about our servers. If you’re looking for a delicious and quick meal, this is your spot.

The next restaurant I recommend is Swingbelly’s. I’ve been going there for years and always choose their cheeseburger from the menu. Even though they switched locations, their food has stayed the same. I recommend this restaurant because it’s very family friendly and is perfect for all ages. The people serving there are so friendly. It’s also a great place for adults to hang out.

The third restaurant I’ll be talking about is Fire & Water. Do you ever just wanna relax with a couple of friends on some comfy couches with a beautiful view? Well now you can at Fire & Water! Here you order at the concession and they will bring your food up to you. The cheeseburgers are always cooked to perfection, nice size and juicy. The cheese is delicious and melted perfectly. The fries are also very good. Salty, but not too salty!

The next spot is Wells Street Beach. This also has a wonderful view of the beach. Their burgers are amazing! They have a great taste and I find that I usually want to eat two! If you want to go to a cool beach and then grab a bite later, that’s what Wells Street Beach is for. This is also a concession burger, but well worth it. On Wednesdays they have special events and you can get a bigger burger as well as people available to take your order and bring it to you.

My final restaurant is called 100 Washington. It’s the newest spot and where the old Swingbelly’s used to be. The atmosphere is the coolest! The burger was delicious. The bun was soft and the cheese melted in my mouth. The servers were very polite and nice and I had chips on the side.

I recommend all these spots for kids and adults! Please be aware that three of my picks are only open in summer months, so be sure to get there soon before they close for the season!


Alex Wierzbicki is fourteen years old and will be a freshman at Chesterton High School. She loves singing, listening to music, animals….and cheeseburgers, plain, with nothing on it…but cheese! 

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