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Are you Haunted by the Past? (Keep reading for 3 tips to a Spirit Guided Life).

Submitted by: Randi Light

Are You Experiencing a Spirit Guided Life…Or Are You Haunted By The Past? The truth is everyone has ghosts in their closet; things you have done you wished you didn’t; as well as awful things you have experienced that you don’t ever want people to know about. It may be different experiences for different people and how people react when they get triggered may also be different.

Nevertheless, in order to lead a Spirit Guided life, you need to stop being haunted by the past and face those fears.

Below are three tips for a spirit guided life.

(Tip 1) When you courageously shine the light on your past experiences, update the old beliefs and grab onto some positive learnings, you activate your personal power, your true potential and begin leading a Spirit Guided life.

Are you operating out of fear or faith? If you spend a lot of time in fear or worry or are easily getting emotionally triggered, you are operating out of fear instead of faith or trust. This means you are living in a stress state and probably don’t believe you are good enough or strong enough or intuitive enough to lead a Spirit Guided life.


Do you already know you want to lead a Spirit Guided Life? Then click here now for your next step and options.


Do you know someone that leads a Spirit Guided life?

You might personally know someone who trusts their intuition, works on themselves, and has a deep desire to be the best version of themselves. You might also notice this person isn’t perfect, but they have the ability to tap into and access their personal power and be a positive example for others.

When you see them in action, does your soul say, I want that. I want to know my purpose too. Or maybe you’re asking in your head, why aren’t I doing something like that?

It might be uncomfortable, but it’s common for people, even you, to feel envious when you see someone who’s life has meaning and purpose. You might feel a moment of envy, jealously or frustration. (Tip 2) If you do that’s okay. Stop worrying because it’s just your soul communicating with you, reminding you, that you want this too.

What does it really mean to lead a Spirit Guided life? I like to think of it as a deep knowing that everything is going to be okay. A knowing that I am going to be okay. And a knowing that I am always being guided by my Soul, Spirit, God, Higher Self, Angels, and or Spirit Guides.

It’s also about being present, in the moment, enjoying the little and the big things that come into your life. The birds, the synchronicities, the aha moments, the feeling of being loved, guided and connected.

Another aspect of a Spirit-Guided Life is trusting and listening to your intuition- your inner genius. When you trust, it allows you to move forward with confidence.

(Tip 3) If you want to move through life with faith and trust, instead of fear, and tap into your gifts, your purpose and your potential, I am asking you to take action. To have faith and join me at the Spiritual Hypnosis Retreat.


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  1. You can bring a friend for $50 to the Spiritual Hypnosis Retreat.

  2. If you know you would like to work with me privately, you can get the Spiritual Hypnosis Retreat for FREE.

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Randi Light is an award-winning hypnotherapist, hypnosis instructor, author, healer, presenter, and peak performance coach. For the past 14 years, Randi has successfully hypnotized thousands of children and adults to breakthrough barriers and achieve their goals.  Her life work combines 35 years of research, training and life skills to provide sustainable wellness solutions for personal and professional performance improvement. Randi’s Essential 4 Success System establishes over a 90% success rate with private clients who are insomniacs, stressed, feeling stuck, anxious, depressed or in chronic pain but want to heal and become their best version of themselves.

The Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy is a school dedicated to creating outstanding hypnotists. Her beginning and advanced level courses utilize a powerful education model that includes accelerated learning techniques, healing hypnosis, hypnotic enhancers, and experiential activities to create confident hypnotists that make a great living doing what they love.  Her secret sauce to success is the small intimate settings needed to help you breakthrough your own blocks to success while learning how to also do this with all your clients.


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