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Dig the Dunes "Lost Treasures" Photo Exhibit and Fundraiser.

Photo credit: Linda Murphy

As summer's end is near, we may encounter some lost treasures on our tide. We can't help but see the beauty and memories these finds may spark. Before we pick them up and pass them on to their next adventure...we want to savor these moments in time! Snap a picture and send it to with the subject line being "The Lost Treasures Photography Exhibit". We will select a number of photos to be exhibited at the Dig the Dunes Artisan Market on November 3 and 4 at Uptown Social in Michigan City. The best part is that we will print and frame your photos and then sell them to purchase new toys for kids in need. We will be giving 100% of the proceeds to Hilltop Neighborhood House's "Be Like Keegan" toy drive.

Photo credit: Shannon Stanley

Many have suggested starting a toy box for all the found toys. We love that idea! If you take the initiative to set up a box at your favorite beach, we will feature you in our newsletter as well as send you a Dig the Dunes magnet for yourself and an outside sticker for the box. It would be wonderful to have reusable toy stations across the dunes beaches, but unfortunately that is too big of an endeavor for us right now. However, we think with your help we can do it! Be sure to get proper permissions from the town where you favorite beach is located. We'd be happy to try to answer any questions for you.

The deadline for photo submissions is September 30, 2023. If your photo is selected, you will be credited. We will need your permission to print and frame your photo and sell it at our fundraiser. Once again, 100% of proceeds will go to purchasing new toys for kids in need. All photos should be sent to You may enter up to 5 photos.

We would like to thank Jill Weber, Treasures by the Tide, and Izzy Hutnick for partnering with us and helping with this project!


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