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Get Stoked! Conditions for Kiteboarding are Perfect in the Dunes.

Submitted by: Tyler Spence

Feature photo: Rider – Tyler Spence Photographer – Corey Winowitch

The Indiana Dunes lakeshore boasts some of the best kiteboarding conditions in the world. There are many aspects to kiteboarding such as kitesurfing, landkiting and snowkiting that can all be done in NW Indiana but the most common form is kiteboarding.  This 3-dimensional future Olympic sport, not only allows you to enjoy the beach and the water, but also allows you to tap into the wind by being pulled by a kite on a twin-tip, surfboard or foilboard.

It connects you to nature in ways you never thought possible. The pure power of the wind, vastness of the lake and beauty of the coastline, fills you with deep humbleness and pure wonder. Kiteboarders call this euphoric feeling of accomplishment, “the stoke.” It can be shared amongst the community coming from near and far, driven to kite at the same kite beach by the perfectly aligned wind and wave conditions.    

Residents of Northwest Indiana are extremely lucky to live in an area that is turning into a kiteboarding travel destination as more people hear of its beauty and turn to Stoke Riders Kiteboarding School to learn how to navigate through the early stages of their learning and for advice on local riding conditions. There are days you can show up to Porter Beach, Michigan City or Lake St. Beach in Miller, IN and you are greeted by strong, steady winds that an experienced kiteboarder dreams of and other days where light winds welcome newbies to a perfect beginners paradise.

Although kiteboarding has officially been added to the Paris Olympic games in 2024, this sport is not just for athletes. With a few lessons, anyone can do it. In the Olympics it will take center stage by introducing foilboard racing to a wider audience. Foilboarding is the more technically challenging discipline that allows the rider to hover above the water, elevated by a foil that looks like an airplane design, supported by a long and narrow mast that creates very little drag when flowing through the water.  It is advantageous in the racing category for its high speed, acceleration and the ability to reach further upwind than a conventional twintip kiteboard or surfboard.

Next time you are on the beach,  flag down a kiteboarder on their break. They love to talk about their passion and answer your questions as long as you are not keeping them from rushing out for a quick session before the wind dies. For more information on kiteboarding lessons and local conditions, contact

or go to

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