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How to truly Dig the Dunes.

Submitted by: Randi Light

Twenty-two years ago, I moved from San Diego to Ogden Dunes. Life was very different back then. My parents had to secure a place for us to move because we couldn’t afford the plane ticket out here. My husband and I had a strained relationship and a newborn. I was only working part time as an Environmental Educator and two businesses my husband had started basically failed. When my parents were looking for a place for us to rent they came upon a little town that was more nature then neighbor, perfect for their daughter (me) who taught people to love and care for the earth as her paid profession. Giant dunes and giant trees all around AND Lake Michigan? Wow, what a gift, a true gem in the middle of industry. Who knew?

Walking the beach and the dunes soon became a daily healing meditation; a source of strength and nourishment while going through a divorce, depression and even more financial stress. Eventually, I became a single mom with seven jobs trying to stay above water emotionally and financially. I loved exploring new trails and really loved feeling the warm sand on my feet, but yet I was still sad, stressed and anxious.

Why is it that we have an epidemic of anxiety and depression when we have these natural gems in our back door? 

I realized that spending time in nature helped tremendously but it wasn’t enough to get me over the limiting beliefs I had about myself and money. These beliefs took up space in my head and blocked me from getting present and enjoying myself where ever I was, and that included hiking a beautiful trail.

Are you really present when you are in nature or are you thinking about work, family or other stressors? Do you want to feel deeply connected and present? The goods news is hypnotherapy can make it so much easier and quicker for you to breakthrough negative feelings, limiting beliefs and stress.

You can learn to hypnotize yourself so that when you are in nature you can truly relax and feel connected to the earth and its life. Just imagine standing on top of a dune where you can see the water, feel the gentle breeze, and hear the birds nearby and in the distance. Imagine you are feeling connected and at peace, noticing the little bugs and the masterpiece surrounding you, not the bills you have to pay or the errands you have to run.

If you take a moment to close your eyes or deep breathe in a specific way, you can feel that connection. You can hypnotize yourself on top of the dune, on the shores of Lake Michigan, or  anywhere you happen to be. When you do it’s so much easier to feel gratitude and joy.

Self-hypnosis can be a fabulous thing but sometimes you need a practitioner to assist you in breaking through. You can use a hypnotist or a coach to get you to that next level of peace, presence and joy. The results I experience with clients have been beyond my wildest expectations, from overcoming fear of flying to overcoming chronic pain. Because I believe so deeply in the gift of hypnosis, I now train other people to become hypnotherapists, too. We are a growing profession that gets outstanding results.

If you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy (for yourself or how to teach it), go to, or email Randi directly at Be your best self whenever you want and where ever you want, and then you too, can truly appreciate the dunes!

Randi Light, MS, CH is a Peak Performance Coach and Certified Hypnosis Instructor serving Northwest Indiana, the Greater Chicago Area, and around the globe via online with Skype and Zoom. She is nationally known for her work as a Peak Performance Coach and her 4-step process for getting into THE ZONE. Randi was voted HYPNOTIST OF THE YEAR at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in 2012. For the past 10 years, Randi has hypnotized thousands of children and adults to breakthrough whatever is in their way in order to be able to perform in the zone, the ideal performance state which allows you to show up as your best version of yourself.

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