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Hypnotherapist Randi Light to lead a Past Life Regression in the dunes area.

If you are following Dig the Dunes, you may have seen us promote a Past Life Regression Session with hypnotherapist, Randi Light. Past Life Regression sounds very intriguing, but what exactly is it? We spoke to Randi to help you understand. After reading this, we hope it's something that might interest you, and we'd love to have you join! (You can reserve your spot, right here). What can people expect at the Past Life Regression event? One of the first things I do is prepare you to have a great hypnotic experience. In essence, I prime your mind as well as get you comfortable with the hypnotic process. Many people come with high expectations wanting to see a movie that’s bright and vivid. Here’s the thing, not everyone is visual. For me, I can visualize but I am more of a feeler. I have learned to be comfortable with this and go with it. I go into details on this so you can personally discover how you imagine best and receive impressions. This makes it easier for you to trust your imagination. What will they do at this event? (or what do you do?) I will hypnotize all the participants at the same time. Each person will have their own experience. We start with intention setting of what you want to experience, learn, heal, overcome, or release. Then, I explain hypnosis, past life regression, and dissolve misconceptions. Most people lay down on yoga mats and blankets while I hypnotize them and then take them to another lifetime that will best serve them in this lifetime. While in the hypnotic state, they will also get an opportunity to go into the light and connect with their higher self, spirit guides and deceased loved ones on the other side. What can they learn from this experience? How can it help them in the future? When you have an opportunity to go to other lifetimes, you can review, get clear on past programming still affecting you today, release, and of course learn more about yourself and people in your life today. Here’s the thing, we carry emotions, beliefs, patterns of behaviors and even pains from other lives. With hypnotherapy, you have an ability to update, upgrade and change beliefs, release stored emotions from the body as well as clear soul contracts. Understanding and knowing yourself as well as what you experienced in the past, offers you an awakening, a wisdom. It is believed that wisdom erases karma which means when you ‘get’ the lesson, it becomes complete. In other words, you don’t have to relive that lesson again because you learned from it. Can you give some examples of what people have discovered? I remember the first time I was guided to another lifetime. I discovered I was the medicine woman that people would come to for healing herbs. I accidentally killed myself while picking and tasting certain plant medicines. What’s interesting to note is that I have a non-toxic home. Poisons freak me out. I learned why poisons freak me out more than others. Anything else important they should know? Your subconscious mind has stored everything that’s ever happened to you including this life and other lives. But the memories get stored in the subconscious from the perspective of the age you are when the event takes place. With hypnosis, you can discover the BS (Belief Systems) created and update them by bringing an older wiser version of yourself into a scene. Also, sometimes I give people homework before they come to an event. This can also help prime the conscious mind because hypnosis is a subconscious brainwave state.To have a great hypnotic experience, we want the conscious mind to sit back and relax while you receive impressions and trust those impressions. Watching videos are great way to deepen the beliefs in yourself and in your ability to allow past life impressions to surface while in hypnosis.This is one of my favorites. There are shorter versions on YouTube as well of James.


The Past Life Regression Event will take place on February 18th at 4:00 at TroyBuilt Fitness in Beverly Shores. You can reserve your spot right here. Cost is $50.


Randi Light is an award-winning hypnotherapist – (Hypnosis Educator of The Year & Hypnotist Of The Year) hypnosis instructor, healer, peak performance coach and founder of Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy. An academy dedicated to creating outstanding confident hypnotherapists utilizing her Essential 4 Success System. She is the author of 2 books, How To Enhance Your Peak Performance Methods and The Essential 4 Success System. Her proprietary system, with a 90% success rate, can be used with every client issue including anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain. Randi’s life work combines 40 years of research, training, and life skills to provide sustainable wellness solutions for personal and professional improvement.


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