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62 or over and want to enjoy the National Park? A senior pass is all you need.

Attn: Seniors! This article is for you. Are you 62 or over and enjoy the Indiana Dunes beaches, trails and recreation areas? Have you been hearing about the new park pass and not sure what to get? The senior pass is all you need. Below we hope you will find the answers to many of your questions.

What is a senior pass? A senior pass will get you into more than 2,000 recreation sites and National Parks, including the Indiana Dunes National Park and all it's trails and beaches. However, it will NOT get you into the Indiana Dunes State Park (off of 49). You will still need to get a pass for this park, like you have had to do in the past.

How much is the pass? The pass is $80, BUT it lasts your lifetime. That's purchase is all you need. Just don't lose your card!

What if I can't afford $80? You can pay $20 for a yearly pass. Once you've paid that for 4 years, you can exchange your old cards in and get a lifetime pass.

Where can I get the senior pass? You can purchase the pass at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, located at 1215 N State Road 49, Porter, Indiana 46304 as well as many of the other National Parks.

How will the Indiana Dunes National Park know I have a pass? Where do I need to show it? There will be a gate at West Beach where you will show it. At all other spots, if no one is checking for your card, you will hang your card from your rearview mirror. Be sure to get a plastic card holder when you get your pass!

Can I use my pass in different cars? Yes! Your card can be moved from car to car. It will also be good for a traveling companion.

Still have questions? Head to the National Park site, right here.


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