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Veggin’ Out in the Uptown Arts District

Submitted by Beth Rudnick

Spring is definitely springing, so why not get out and enjoy our local communities and all they have to offer? And whether you are practicing meatless Mondays, abstaining from meat for Lent, or just trying to have a positive impact on the environment, check out these places with vegetarian/vegan options while you are shopping local and our historic downtowns.

First up…to shop!

The Uptown Arts District in Michigan City is a great place to begin your spring adventures. Although you won’t be eating here, Patina Vintage Goods at 613 Franklin in the Uptown District boasts antiques, vintage clothing, furniture – enough to keep your eyes busy while you also focus on one of the oldest buildings in the Michigan City historic district. The original tin roof has been carefully preserved and is a stunning reminder of the building’s 100+ year life. The original Staiger Hardware sign is still visible.

You can work up an appetite by shopping at many of the quaint stores, like Patina Vintage Goods at 613 Franklin St.

Beach Bum Jewels, at 622 Franklin, is another delightful stop. From simple wire-wrapped beach glass necklaces to hand-crafted intricate settings, the glass pieces are a stunning reflection of what Lake Michigan will create (with the help of designer/owner Linda Mickevicius, of course!).

Take a brunch break at Fluid Coffeebar and Roasting Lab one block north across the street. Fluid also has a full brunch menu including a delightful vegan pumpkin chili and a vegan avocado toast with tomatoes and garlic. Fluid also has oat and almond milk substitutes as well as non-vegan options and, of course, a list of liquid “concoctions” from nitro coffee to Rocket Fuel to wake up more than your senses.

For dinner, check out the new Leeds Public House in a rehabbed historic building. The Leeds family established the first hospital in Michigan City in the 1830s and a Leeds building has occupied this spot since then. While Leeds Public House has no specific vegan option, they have several vegetarian choices and will prepare the smoked portabella burger without cheese. As the weather warms, try Leeds’ wonderful outdoor seating area.

Or if you want to finish your day with lighter fare, Chickpea Fresh Mediterranean at 225 W Fifth Street has a host of vegan staples including falafel and tabbouleh. Head around the block north on Wabash to 4th Street and enjoy the historic Pullman District, taking note of the “shotgun” houses on 4th Street built at the turn of the century for the Pullman workers, or the oldest extant bar in Michigan City, The Ritz Club, serving brews and beers since 1890.

Spring is almost here! Warm up to Michigan City and all it offers!

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