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Why I “Dig the Dunes”.

Submitted by Kevin Scott

Whenever I visit the coastal states, I seem to always have a similar conversation. “Oh, you are from Indiana? Isn’t it so different out here??”

Insert eye roll.

Living on the “Third Coast,” you can’t blame people for thinking that we have nothing like their beaches and oceans. Once people come experience it though, they tend to like what they see, maybe even a bit more than back home! Yet, some of us don’t take advantage of what is right in our backyard!

Each time I head out to the Dunes, I see or experience something different. A new trail, a new view of the Chicago skyline, a new colorful sunset, a new bike trail. The list goes on and on, but only if you get out and experience it, on purpose or on accident! Some of the best trails I’ve been on have been because I made the wrong turn. The beauty of the Dunes is endless so you will never see it all! Once you think you do, you will start getting curious…about the history, about the ancestors, about the stories. This will take you down a whole new adventure.

Looking for something new? Try double dipping by getting some exercise AND taking in the scenery at the Dunes. Challenge yourself with the 3 Dune Challenge! Take a walk or jog at Cowles Bog. Head to Bailly Homestead and hike or jog through the trails leading to the Bailly Cemetery. Whether it’s the colors of fall, the winter wonderland, the blossoming of spring flowers, or the heat of summer, the ever changing seasons will provide you a great distraction to get you out and get some exercise.

Why do YOU “Dig the Dunes”? Send us 3-5 paragraphs and a photo and you may be featured!

Kevin Scott was born and raised in Chesterton. He currently lives in Chesterton with his girlfriend Tracy and terrier mix, Mack. He studied Communication at Purdue North Central, where he also played baseball. Kevin is the Regional Director for Anytime Fitness and also writes health and fitness columns for the Beacher. He holds a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. When he is not working, you can find him out running, biking, working out, hiking at the dunes, strolling on the beach, and anything and everything else active!


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