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Give the Gift of a Dig the Dunes Experience!

Forget the latest gadget or trendy clothes – the true treasures of life lie in the realm of an experience. Unlike material possessions that fade and lose their luster over time, experiences create lasting memories, deepen connections, and nourish our souls. Dig the Dunes has been working hard on creating experiences just for you. Consider one or more of the following events as a holiday gift this year.

For the wine lover in your life: Consider tickets to our wine and charcuterie night at Anderson's Winery. Not only will there be tastings, but we will have mini workshops where you can create wine related items for your household. See more.

For the person that loves shopping: Why not grab a couple spots on our vintage and thrift bus hop. It's a full day of fun, browsing and shopping. The all-inclusive ticket includes a bloody mary at breakfast and a full lunch. See more.

For that workout warrior: How about tickets to our Get Fit, Get Food series. Rather than another set of weights, they can enjoy three nights of different workouts followed by dinner at a local restaurant. It's a great way to get out in the winter and have some fun...while working out! See more.

For the person that has everything:

Consider a Past Life Regression Session. Not many people have experienced that! The gift recipient will join Hypnotherapist Randi Light and 20 other people for a deep dive into relaxation techniques, past lives, and so much more. See more.

And finally, for the person that simply loves life: A Sunday morning Bloody Mary Brawl is just what they need! Brunch, bloody mary's, live music and a great time. You'll be done by noon and can head out to enjoy the day. See more.

These are just a few of the experiences that Dig the Dunes is offering in 2024. Tickets to one of the events will make a great gift. And, the best thing about it is that the tickets come right to your email. They can make a great last minute gift or stocking stuffer. So this year when you are thinking about what to get your boyfriend, neighbor, mother or son -- consider a Dig the Dunes experience.

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