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A dog’s life…in the dunes. Places to take your pups!

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Feature photo: Otis

He is more than (wo)man’s best friend – he is your hiking buddy, your partner in crime & adventure, your pal, your dog in the dunes.

For those who always have a four-legged friend with them, here is a compilation of some of the trails, beaches, restaurants, breweries and activities throughout Northwest Indiana that you can enjoy together!

Dog friendly beaches:

  1. Lake Street, Miller – There’s a designated dog beach on the west side of Lake Street in Miller. Dogs are also allowed east of Marquette Park on the residential area beaches, but there’s not really public beach parking throughout that area.

  2. Central Ave. Beach  – Pines- Dogs are allowed on leashes

  3. Kemil Beach and Dunbar Beach – Beverly Shores – Dogs are allowed with leashes

  4. Lakeview Beach – Beverly Shores – Dogs allowed with leashes

  5. Indiana Dunes State Park – Chesterton – Dogs are allowed with leashes to the right of the pavilion

  6. Portage Lakefront – Portage – Dogs allowed on riverwalk, but not beach

**Service dogs are an exception to any pet rules and are allowed to accommodate their owner to all parks

Dog Friendly Trails: Dogs are fortunately allowed on most trails in the area on a leash.

Exceptions include:

  1. Glenwood Dunes Trail System – due to horse being permitted on the main trails

  2. Great Marsh Trail – Beverly Shores – due to being a populated wetland ecosystem.

  3. Nature Play Area – the area located on the east side of the Paul H. Douglas Center where the main parking lot is fenced off.

Lulu running in the dunes. Photo taken by Brenda Campbell

Dog Friendly Parks/Gardens

These are the off-leash parks in the area

  1. Bluhm Park in Westville

  2. Creek Ridge County Park  in Michigan City

  3. Luhr County Park just south of LaPorte

  4. Portage Dog Park in Portage

  5. Perry Ferrini Dog Park – Schererville

  6. Lemon Lake Dogwood Run – Crown Point

  7. Wiggley Field Dog Park – St. John

  8. Wicker Memorial Dog Park – Highland

  9. Royal Acres Dog Park – Valparaiso

These are on-leash larger parks and gardens

  1. Friendship Botanic Gardens – All trails are open to dogs on a leash

  2. Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve – Chesterton – All trails are open to dogs on a leash

  3. Bailly Homestead and Chellberg Farm – Porter – Dogs are allowed on leash

  4. Gabis Arboretum (formerly Taltree) – Valparaiso – Allowed on a leash

**Most city-owned dog parks require permits

Dog friendly restaurants. We updated our top 20 outdoor patio list and have included the restaurants that are dog friendly. You will find a “DF” next to each restaurant that allows dogs on their decks.

Top 20 Outdoor Patios in the Dunes Also Goblin & the Grocer (Beverly Shores & Set em’ Up Lanes, Griffith

Dog Friendly Breweries & Wineries

  1. Windmill Brewery – Dyer – Allows dogs inside seating area

  2. Crown Brewery – Patio Only

  3. Wildrose Brewing Company – Griffith – Patio only

  4. Back Road Brewery – La Porte – Allows dogs inside seating area

  5. St. John Malt Brother – St. John – Patio only

  6. Bulldog Brewery – Whiting – Currently constructing a patio, which will allow dogs

  7. 18th Street Brewery – Hammond – Patio only

  8. Zorn Brew Works Co. – Michigan City – Patio only

  9. Brew Fast – Highland – Patio only

  10. Ironwood Brewing Company– Valparaiso – Allows dogs inside and outside

  11. Four Fathers Brewing – Valparaiso – New patio!

  12. Aftermath Cidery – Valparaiso – Patio only

  13. New Oberpfalz Brewing – Griffith – Patio only

  14. Shoreline Brewery – Michigan City- Patio under construction, dogs allowed once open

  15. Burn ‘Em Brewing – Michigan City – Patio only

  16. Round Barn Estate – Baroda – outdoors all over the estate

  17. Round Barn Filling Sation, Tasting Room, Tabor Hill & Free Run – dogs welcome on leashes on patio.

  18. Haymarket Taproom – Bridgman, MI

  19. Transient Artisan Ales – inside & out! – Bridgman, MI

  20. St Julian Patio – Union Pier, MI

  21. The Livery – Benton Harbor, MI

  22. Watermark Brewery – Stevensville, MI

  23. North Pier Brewery – St. Joe, MI

Are we missing someone? Let us know!

Dog friendly stores. These are all chains, but a few are in our area. It’s good to know!


Do you know of some other dog-friendly areas that we didn’t include? Please let us know and we will add them!

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